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tv   Doc Film  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2019 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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org. oh. shifting powers the old order is history the world is real we're going izing itself and the media's role is keep the topic in focus at the global media forum 29 teams today one out of 2 people is online who are we following whom do we trust to beijing and shape the future at the touchability global media for 2019.
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i know when you get to get. back. to life. i find it. happens. that one. part of. the life of a. family. i can. eat a. thank
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. you thank you thank you. thank. you. thank. you thank you. thank. you.
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it's just so so so did glad i'm one with us you guys can have and i feel a god that it's going to be a gaga comes with it but had to laugh and i've been mauled like i played booth is going to have a school bus in london that location level i had to put up a low key for my company lag again and go ahead and look i seen go from bad i made less profit because he ready didn't buy my time to do could he gonna go hundreds in the course and i got him at the garden to get going i mean. graeme i don't mind going to my grave jaime's to meet him i was good look up how did he do to manage a guy on the ground like who is who can make you. and it's having
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a good mom i'm like wouldn't do it isn't going to make come they are doing drugs in the house just to make you gonna come home including i did and gaga newmaker and hunted by little guys to some little. more the do that to me so i mean beat my good with it's eyes just because he. told you. that you don't call him a bill. now you are left that i have my love. how could it. be. that he. did it but he did not feel it is a good idea i.
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thank. god. that god bon-bon they. get. to do it for both you have gotten back up i'm done in 30. tonight and have come out. here happened under 89. where coming back to me 30. cut sending me up to get you caught so instead you sat but you didn't get money. but i. got don't resent depend. pandering and. sort of help him. in that so yes months
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but it got my. game. to go so this month. but again like. i've done i've never. sat by my his socialist mind. that it deserves. because i get sad. he got sad moment by to give a guy in mumbai. coming out. if . if. i do my thing. we have a maid to. recommend me when i come to the bottom line and when me i mean my lady
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that i had no clue who when i'm 90 who gave me and let the last one i did that must have been less than look good and dismissing they had to move and be happy. and. i was and something that i that. was on my mind at that particular me i meet and as she. knew that her family. and. i mean they had i if i see that in my life that he would have to come out and work and battle again and pull and you're 19 years same anybody but and yeah i get that just a. community of i had a guy that a predicate. by. the. neck when he made you some of the song that's who came up and when it's me who's the last.
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one. why do you think. we have the right and think maggie already been out there that you did not hear. back. that. way nobody. somebody. ready. for the real. me. and. find. out.
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how. to. live it was. 60 to do it this week if. it wasn't. just up to. 50 s. and sixty's.
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live it fits. in. to. to. tell it. was such a touchy subject that it. must be tough to listen. oh. you must know how you. feel. you feel. lucky. to have been such
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a deep feeling you know i feel you can't hear me if you. really feel. like i've never. done one thing out. of the mouth i don't want and when you're in like that point i hear that nobody's. going to. feel. elated but didn't take something from you it is in that 1000 but i notice you don't
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even say you like them but if you know. you have evidence and there's something better than an. argument underling as you know you can if you only hear some editor some day i will with a new video in the night when he is ready i wonder if it will be doable i think it will get out pick up a number of the few things on my list he did when i was in with them at the school that was given to. me because it was just didn't work so well when he was supposedly did he. do in the digital. but it wasn't. just some icing. in the fire and the fact that you know nothing in the last few months another example of that from the 4000 point to that of the only mother likes her. i don't know. what it is the only part of the year that you know you love it is just a little bit more when you come with
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a list of what it will be possible so much focus that it's i wish it was and it's obvious that but i go you know there's a way for you that i that i live my people that i work if i get out of oil well you get up and you clean vegas and a lot of it was a book which i later used with and you would look at the dentist about it. thank you. for. that was mostly believe. i do believe you. believe well. damn well that was. coming out really was a tough. one i mean. how
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could that have met my. need. to feel you feel. the need. to. secure. these. cities how did. you do. you. feel to be. back. to normal now because it. was completely assumed that you. and then. after him but in the film i give them looks like i said let's have a vacation and. i use
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a credit card so i just wanna. thank. you. but i'm. not. like this. and. i'm not sure i gotta get here that i'm going to agree to going to get a preview of what you can go to the great thing like you're going to leave. now let's go outside not that so much that. i want to get my hot gets on my laptop but i would do well yes up nicely i got cooped up in the song had a lot of mid seventies may i might not know my dad as i know
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a lot of the me off more vocal should be going home i feel body like a home. because i have a lot some time i don't 7 there my young. and i didn't get it. only i wisely get used to the good. luck. o. the ones that absolutely interest it. is movies that i'm going to this is. you've got. a simple one muslim woman. who. you would love. they want proof. he'll go oh my goodness.
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you got on my bike. is. it. very much. if. it is. because you asked me if.
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he. simply has a particular and this was he knew that the because i'm talking about us. i mean i'm kidding but isn't that what i've sung and i meet somebody but that it wasn't what he can make. me i need to get out of my sister madison are sometimes happy you got to get them because you can do to me and you do subway and you quoted me something about to me god is not going to keep. using the media families like you.
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simply wouldn't see. something to eat meat. come let me list. and some is busy wouldn't. like to make the. kids who don't i do but. compared to that in the bank people. who survived with years. thanks for. the comfort of the gas money at least i just haven't been a player but he. did come out about it when you've sat i have to look this guy like you some way lay baby baby do you mean bad that's
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a 100 years but i have some men. who would do this you get one day i mean you gotta love them but maybe it was like actually i am going to love being. absent of those . some i could. do so much but at the. same sort of a december and read them i thought i blew like i did mean greater good that you act with god when the things you say you. wouldn't will sadly i am but it's my class that got us into that. they had at the army 30 other than what i am bad as 11 families and you and i want to go see i mean so that if you say i me one name. that i lay she got a nice you to be back of a mule. might. become one. and you get on but i was on mistake i did it. by now when you had me we seemed to be back with that now both
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exams or. the lot of it was a little. like the way it was. and her left right now is there's a. very nice and the best here this was a nice but it's not to be the other tube is not so high in your soul and you can see you can see the big problem is in my international you also monkfish. mountain or 1st of all bob. just.
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flew. into this what i call the garden for a few minutes to clean up. we didn't have anything and you know i grew up very busy because you. do your homework. and you know you are learning and yes. i do say. that i'm not i'm not in this way i'm not i mean and hey you know purposes this is a lot of things to learn so it's not easy. but. you are it's what for 3 years it's not a very long time because normally small children in the age of 8 or 9 years or 3 years at school. i think you are missing a lot of the basics. which gives you the strength to understand the following
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events this is for you are missing. and so maybe that for i think it's necessary. to repeat these things. understanding. or maybe question is are you doing. what you reduce your charge to get out. to get a royal interview the real lawyer. martin or not write one bar question yourself. do you understand. now as it used to make your chances so the next as i see the eyes of the nation. 30 percent of it. meant that it is 1st and letting go is the best then i will decide everything not
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nerd out of. but also doing. work at your organization that until you ready have all of us and i see my fust. thing i would like to study that nice night importing these maine and remediation for us. because i'm one of the fact my mazy snowsuit and i i don't like fighting it. means it will not stop. your dog. has. to. be an own man. if it was
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a $566.00. if you do it you know if it wasn't my face. that was it if you left which was he would listen to it as i. listen as you sound if you go. unanswered. in the business that's the key and if that person not getting this was it. that they do good even if it's a disease in the midst i mean you'd have book with a man's head again and ask him.
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to be 10 feet into the management to catch them. and he said the reason that announced his mind is not that was a lot of us on the planet even 10 minutes i'm going to sit back. and look from that someone not pass go home and sleep it in there was no one even and the continued you know one of the. if you call me up it asked me so i'm a bit low by example. and then that way that you want to be intact. more. money is made of stiefel money no money. and you know. and not. that you don't have let's tell you please and
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they have. that you are it depends definitely lawyer or in politics sides that you are able to set up south africa nelson montana or gandhi all busy started lawyer and they could change if they had a chance to change the system from the inside and this is the question because to become a lawyer thess needs really more than 100 percent of your time and so one time in within the next one or 2 years. decide if you are a few wrestle see if you have to decide i want to go this way or you go down to the political and the education way and also pirlo with journalists and what they took on is ations and so on but i predict you this is not possible in the end which sure you will lose both.
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it's. just that even in the haleigh deal again i don't. know if they're going to ever you can say one day of school i heard it is pretty ricky is going to do and to define exotic are no one here to think you can read these can't park and instead of that.
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if you. cut me to touch. you come in but in a. moment. play. the fight. over love the lord oh well your motives i. come up with
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a little want it leaves. we didn't really rebel military will tell you. and i'm sure you got all of us. i wish i was not i'm saying i was. acting and i'm going i'm going to give you i'm going to walk out the nuns was going to do the same because i was going back like you. he how do you. think i'm going to back. you and. i think saying you know i'm going to come back. and my i'm going to move on to the past my hands. my.
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feet and yet. very quickly i'm closer to the midst of the. all those people do you never know i mean so some of these are. the most of us who know. what you. are 6 the more you are on the market the world will only. live on one movie. or the will. and the sounds of that might be what you did when i did i think i would but i didn't have my dick up with a backpack why do you know you're going to fucking serious when there are money you
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know you've got i have a one pill about that after i made some waves i'm a muslim i'm a bunny a bought a bus i'm michael got my beat i must want to what can i as i might you know my god daddy or better yes i do you want to do what i do you might have muslim i think god but i could not in a subsequent. thank you and would not be held accountable might be i'll be publishing. my view or. the be .
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school sprinkler system and they're going to. come. become active in the mustang and good morning everybody over here it is me so that he could have presenting the good stuff. every. day set up slave networks and with impunity. debase human beings and in fact some of the speakers here today and some of the ones that will be at the oslo freedom forum are 3 former slaves that are now
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abolitionists chaudry was 5 years old when she was taken from her family in nepal and sold into slavery for 11 years she was exploited abused and forced to work without any compensation now freed she travels across nepal to free other girls now must be in our news by good morning is the must get and like now must be everybody . my english is not good and i hold my interfere just said he was good to use my voice and i would like to speak badly in ways it's just ok ok ready. and he could say freedom basically and look at the camera. because let's see what i. saw.
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thank . you when my brother sent me away to ork in kathmandu. i was 5 from bus train from my. i had to fly from every house call it d.v.d.'s to make my house tonight happy. if i didn't then i was in school beaten with bad words i couldn't die assist these rulers. you know it will so for afraid of we have had some speakers like yourself that they do all have received a nobel peace price here in norway would you like to continue work to qualify for
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that as i was bending me. i hope you are a good success i hope you succeed did your work because it was report for us is important for everybody you said to me this called friends. you are the type of horses you are very happy to have you here thank you for coming. projects name is what we have agreed on and we have a team susie's the george graham said your thoughts on your next experience can i have a day or so of course. you haven't had to ask you. i haven't seen you don't don't don't tempt me you know office. so what's your dream. for me some way wasn't. going to mean i was
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somehow alive and healthy. and sneeze and nobody had that discussion and then again. it's made to. act. like.
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met. me.
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it's so. easy secluded as i'm listening to you say you can't build a community that is not he didn't start at least. but. it's and dad's and you.
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meet. me. in. the coming to me isn't. going to miss this.
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luke get it. to come back we need to be put out couldn't it's i'm going to. insert 100 netizen in his vigilance and now i think that he has had on the subject matter and is holding a movement a man and limited inducing didn't like him in the school and he did better than. this to did so i don't have to go some particle matter you could buy you are. up on your cynical placidity bunny he could just up we have to go some but of the most humble we had nilsson's with his house who could.
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think is that it is connect me and that is the good side is that i asked and that he asked and. she.
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quadriga the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week fakers are rattling once again in the middle east as a standoff between the u.s. and iran intensifies could u.s. pressure produce a new and better nuclear deal as washington claims more results in the war that's our topic on country join us. quadriga 30 minutes on t.w. . upgrades from modern living babies don't give a thought to updating their minds and bodies but manmade systems need constant
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attention and improvement. logistics through traffic payment systems the internet. or in fact society as a whole there's always room for improvement tomorrow too that 90 minutes small d w . what secrets why behind these moments. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage science. d w world heritage 360 to get the amount.
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i am. this news coming to you live from berlin taiwan becomes the 1st place in asia to approve same sex marriage lawmakers foster landmark legislation despite the last minute attempts by conservatives to defeat the bill we take a look at rights to new grants to same sex couples also on the program. just about a week left under your pre-election polls show climate change is a major issue for many voters so what's the.


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